EDNA provides companies:

Customized Training
We design, advice and evaluate s training programs adapted to the reality that each company requires. In this way, we propose training plans with a variety of a wide range of methodologies.
Subsidized Training
In order to develop skills and qualifications, companies benefit from taxes’ deductions. Each company can taylor their training. In addition, they can arrange it by themselves, together with other companies or even delegate all the paperwork to the organization.
Dual Training
Key benefits for the company:
· Students complete significant work for the company for affordable cost.
· It sets a standardized prescreening system for prospective workers that are trained from the beginning in the company’s culture, minimizing selection mistakes and increasing the degree of loyalty.
· The company takes the final decision of hiring, choosing the most appropriate candidate for them.
· Minimizing adaptation costs to the workplace.
Qualified Staff
The training contributes to acquire professional skills and personal habits that lead to understand the work as a service task, respect for others and responsibility.
Benefits for companies that work in cooperation with EDNA
1. To have a quality workforce.
2. To cooperate in the worker’s training:
2.1. Through dual training.
2.2. Personal training requested by the company.
2.3. Through online and face to face training provided by EDNA.
3. To subscribe to validated specialized training centers from different places and countries.
4. Possibility to access to special degrees that qualify better employees.
5. Accreditation of certified skills with the rest of Europe to facilitate the selection of people for international companies.
6. Visibility of the company in a training environment.
7. Access to qualified job opportunities/offers.
How does the company collaborate with EDNA
1. Contributing to provide quality professional training for women.
2. Participating in the training provided by EDNA with content development, dual training, internships in the company, associate professors, visits, etc.
3. Requesting from EDNA a part of their employees’ training.
4. Offering employees EDNA´s diplomas and certificates.
5. Contributing through employment opportunities to EDNA’s success in the recruitment of people.
6. Spreading EDNA’s brand through their own seal.
7. Developing competent professional profiles, in collaboration with EDNA.
8. Granting scholarships to students.
9. Looking for other companies that want to collaborate with the project led by EDNA.


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