EDNA’s Training Offer

American Proyect at Schiller University

Continued Education + Jobs in Florida, United States of America

If the student, after obtaining the Associate Degree, wants to continue the Schiller’s studies, there is an agreement with the University of Roehampton (London) to obtain a valid degree in Europe.

The students will achieve:

  • Extend their Studies in an American University, during their academic course.
  • Acquire 6 months of professional experience in American companies.
  • Consolidate their English language’s abilities, in an academic and professional environment.
  • To achieve an Spanish Degree + an American Degree + International work experience.
  • Access to a next level, studying two more years.

If you study one of this cycles, you can continue your studies and specialize in the Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences (near Düsseldorf, Germany).

The project NVQ is a British Professional certification with International recognition that certifies the Professional Capacities and the level of efficiency to develop a specific job.

It is a system of dual formation that combines studies and job training in the company.

In this way, EDNA offers a double degree as a Technician or a Superior Technician, plus the NVQ certificate of the correspondent level. These studies can be done at Altaviana (Valencia, Spain), and it is possible to take some issues in other European companies.