Dual Training

What does Dual Vocational Training stand for?
It combines the training skills acquired at school and practical activities carried out in the company.
What are the conditions that the company need to fulfill in order to participate?
· Companies must be approved and validated by the “Dirección General de Formación Profesional”.
· The company must sign a collaboration agreement with the educational institution.
· The company must designate an instructor to perform coordination tasks for students, validated by the “Dirección General de Formación Profesional”.
· The task done by the student should be consistent with her academic background.
Which are the centers of EDNA’s network that include Dual Training?
Currently, Dual Training is offered by Altaviana and Fuenllana. For further information:
· Catering, contact: carmengasco@altaviana.com
· Hospitality, contact: carmenciudad@altaviana.com
· Education, contact: carmenciudad@altaviana.com
· Hospitality, contact: veronicavilla@fuenllana.net
· Tourism, contact: anamateos@fuenllana.net
· Health, contact: anaramirez@fuenllana.net
· Fashion, contact: elenagarcia@fuenllana.net
· Education, contact: carmina@fuenllana.net